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Edge interoperability
for industrial automation ecosystems

The Margo initiative defines mechanisms for interoperable orchestration at scale of edge applications/workloads and devices. It will deliver the interoperability promise through an open standard, a reference implementation and comprehensive compliance testing toolkit.  Margo unlocks barriers to innovation in complex multi-vendor environments and accelerates digital transformation for organizations of all sizes.  

That’s why it’s named after the Latin word for edge. 

Open interoperability gives users the freedom to build best of breed solutions without unnecessary costs and delays.

Solutions simplified for faster deployment, scalability and operation – with fewer and less specialized resources.

Scalable and repeatable deployment accelerates innovation and growth for organizations of any size.

Mastering efficiency, flexibility and quality faster than competitors is key to success in today’s industrial world. Digitalization can help deliver on these benefits, but digital ecosystems require a robust, secure and interoperable framework at the edge, connecting operations and information technologies. For ABB, a long-standing advocate of open automation systems, driving a forward-thinking collaborative initiative like Margo is key to achieving this goal.

Bernhard EschermannChief Technology Officer, ABB Process Automation

Interoperability is the key to digital transformation at scale – empowering manufacturers to unlock the potential of the Industrial IoT at full speed without large teams of IT specialists.

Florian SchneebergerChief Technology Officer, ABB Machine Automation (B&R)

In the constantly evolving realm of technology, edge interoperability stands out as a pivotal focus area for industrial automation, as a key driver for the seamless integration of industrial devices, applications, and their orchestration. The Margo initiative, with the aim of establishing an open standard that simplifies and standardizes industrial automation, represents a step change in the way complex industrial ecosystems are considered and will enable significant breakthroughs in innovation, optimization, and new value creation, and will help clients accelerate towards a more intelligent industry. As a pioneer in the field of edge compute-based industrial automation and founding member of the Margo initiative, Capgemini will bring its strong expertise in digital engineering to help the creation of this new open standard and accelerate the transformation of the industrial automation ecosystem.

Nicolas RousseauHead of digital engineering and manufacturing, Group Offer Leader Intelligent Products & Services, Capgemini

Microsoft is thrilled to be supporting Margo and continuing our efforts to help industrial customers accelerate their digital transformation journey. Our customers tell us every day about the challenges to scale and operate their industrial solutions due to a lack of interoperability at the edge. They want help to reduce the complexity, cost, and time to value. Microsoft is committed to align our adaptive cloud strategy architecture, such as Azure Arc and Azure IoT Operations, with the Margo initiative to help our customers build, deploy, and scale their applications faster, and run them both on the edge or in the cloud.

Christoph BerlinGeneral Manager, Microsoft Azure

At a time when industrial organizations are racing to accelerate their digital transformations, we've seen that building, operating, and scaling Industrial IoT solutions continues to be a challenge for our customers due to the disparate nature of the systems in the market today. We’re excited to be collaborating with The Linux Foundation, and our partners, by bringing over 100 years of experience in industrial automation and information to the creation of Margo and working together to ensure that Margo’s modern IT-based principles for edge interoperability meet the requirements of the OT world, breaking down our customers current barriers to success and enabling innovative operations.

Cyril PerducatSR VP & Chief Technology Officer, Rockwell Automation

Today our industrial users have to manage more and more data to optimize their processes, machines and energy consumption. They have a strong need to compute data at field level with customized edge applications for different use cases and from multiple vendors. For many years, Schneider Electric has been focused on meeting those needs with simpler, scalable and more cost-effective automation, fostering innovation for an open industrial software approach and leveraging AVEVA’s expertise. The Margo initiative is deeply aligned with our vision and commitment for an automation ecosystem which is interoperable and sustainable.

Aurelien Le SantCTO- SVP Innovation & Technology, Industrial Automation, Schneider Electric

With Industrial Operations X and Siemens Industrial Edge, we are committed to ecosystem openness. Margo supports extending the cross-vendor approach, enriching solution capabilities through a common standard.

Rolf HeinsohnSVP Control at Siemens
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Digitizing Industrial Operations | How Industry Can Address Interoperability Challenges at the Edge

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Margo is already supported by some of the largest automation solution providers globally, including founding members:

The group invites like-minded industry peers to join the collaboration and contribute to building a meaningful and effective interoperability standard that will help plant owners achieve their digital transformation goals with greater speed and efficiency. 


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