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Brand Guidelines

We welcome our community to use Margo brand assets.

Consistent use of our design patterns, logos, and other assets helps people easily identify Margo-branded properties and protects our trademarks. It is important that marketing materials comply with these standards and use assets correctly. Please note that any and all use of Margo’s trademarks must comply with Joint Development Foundation’s Trademark Usage Guidelines in addition to these visual branding guidelines.


Our logo is our flag. It represents us as an organization, the amazing people who work here, the open source communities we collaborate with and the members who support us. It is important that it is always used the right way so that people are able to identify us at a glance.

Download Logo Assets

This is our primary logo and should be used wherever possible.

Margo Logo

The secondary logo is used for CNCF events and large format collateral.

Margo Logo


In the instance where the full-color logo can not be used, there are two variations available.

Margo Logo Variations


In the instance where the primary lockup alignment is not centered with standalone text for website use purposes, the iconmark and wordmark can be displayed as separate assets where they can be center-aligned with the corresponding text. Please contact with questions.

Margo Logo Variations

Logo Usage

We rather like our Margo logo, so please don’t change it! Here are some hints for how to display the Margo logo and guidelines for what is and is not acceptable.


Always preserve clear space around the Margo logo. It is required to provide clarity and breathing room.

Margo Logo Spacing


Changing the logo color is strictly not permitted. The Margo logo should be used in its full color option or all-black or all-white when required.

Margo Color Variations


Changing the Margo logo elements is strictly not permitted.

Margo Element Usage


Scaling or stretching the Margo logo away from its normal proportions is strictly not permitted.

Margo Scaling Usage

Color Palette

Margo Blue

HEX: #00358C
RGB: 0 53 140
CMYK: 100 90 15 4
Pantone: Reflex Blue C


The modern, clean look of sans serif font  IBM Plex Sans represents Margo’s character. This font has a neutral, bold yet friendly appearance and has a full range of weights and styles that have been optimized for web and mobile.

IBM Plex Sans Bold is typically used for headlines.


IBM Plex Sans Regular is typically used for body.