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Whether you are a plant operator, an application developer, a device manufacturer a system integrator a machine builder of a fleet management or orchestration platform provider, Margo will provide you benefits when managing or participating in heterogenous ecosystems at the edge.

Margo will allow plant owners or industrial users to continue to select the best in breed supplier for a given problem space, without jeopardizing interoperability and manageability at system level in their heterogenous fleet.

Application developers, device manufacturers will reduce their development costs as trend towards the “develop once, deploy many” objective. Margo will allow them to reduce variability in their products, while being able to participate in multiple heterogenous ecosystems at their customers.

As Margo addresses the interoperability challenges in heterogenous ecosystems, System Integrators and Machine Builders will become more productive by being able to focus on the value-add integration services, rather than spending time to just stitch system components together from various manufacturers.

The interoperability challenges affect both suppliers and users in the industrial automation space. Margo proposes to address & solve these challenges in a collaborative and open-source manner, allowing all parties to share the investment of resources and reduce the time to market for these non-differentiating components of the solution stack. Margo will allow suppliers to focus more on the differentiating portion of their offering, meeting the industrial users’ demand for more and faster innovation, required to address tomorrow’s challenges in industrial automation.