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Mission Statement

The mission of the Margo initiative is to define the mechanisms for interoperability between edge applications, edge devices, and edge orchestration software in ecosystems of industrial users, helping these users to mitigate scale challenges when digitalizing their operations. Margo strives to help industrial users to increase the adoption of repeatable software patterns, supporting their heterogenous ecosystems of many suppliers.

Margo focuses on the industrial automation problem space. In other words, the applications hosted on devices at the industrial edge is the primary focus. at the same time, the relationship between Edge & Cloud is recognized and considered, especially in the context of digitalization of operations in larger organizations and necessity to optimize & manage fleets of applications and devices.

The Margo initiative is committed to delivering the interoperability promise in an open, secure, modern, and agile way with a practical reference implementation, a comprehensive compliance testing toolkit and an open interoperability standard defining the interaction patterns.

The strategy behind Margo is not to create “yet another standard” but to embrace and orchestrate existing & proven IT standards and enhancing these as needed, to ensure the specific OT requirements are met.